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Annual International Conference "OIL AND GAS OF TURKMENISTAN-2003"
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Introductory session

Introductory remarks by Stan Polovets, Conference Chairman

Yo. Gurbanmuradov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

  • Development of Turkmenistans energy industry and top-priority areas of government policy for drawing foreign investment into the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan


T. Tagiev, Minister of the Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan, Executive Director of the Competent Authority for Use of Hydrocarbon Resources under the President of Turkmenistan

  • Objectives and current priorities of development of the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan, possible ways of addressing them

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Session 1: Opportunities for cooperation in the oil and gas sector

S. Valiyev, State Minister, Chairman of State Company Turkmenneft

  • Western Turkmenistan: objectives for the oil and gas industry, opportunities for partnership, formation of joint ventures and business development for service and supply companies

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O. Atageldyev, State Minister, Chairman of State Company Turkmengeologiya

  • Hydrocarbon potential of Turkmenistan. Prospective areas for geological exploration and opportunities for cooperation with foreign companies

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I. Chariyev, State Minister, Chairman of State Trading Corporation Turkmenneftegaz

  • Partnership opportunities in the area of management and technological development of crude oil refining and gas processing, petrochemical industry, utilization and transportation o hydrocarbons. Increasing production and exports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other refined product

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Kh. Babayev, Chairman of Government Enterprise on Caspian Sea at the President of Turkmenistan

  • Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea: results and prospects of development of offshore projects. Status and outlook for development and joint use of transportation and coastal infrastructure

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Robert L. Parker, Sr., Chairman, Parker Drilling Company,Parker Drilling in Turkmenistan

  • Keynote speech

Session 2: International cooperation in the oil and gas sector.  Markets for Turkmenistans oil and gas and strategic transportation issues.

Special focus: Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas pipeline project

Abul Hasan Husein zade, Head of Hydrocarbons Production Department, Ministry of Mines and Industry of Afghanistan;

Rashed Salim Khan, Director General, ECO Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan;

Najeeb Jung, Energy Division, South Asia Department, Asian Development Bank;


Konstantin Frolov, Deputy Director, Naftogaz Ukrainy,

  • Opportunities and prospects for developing energy cooperation between Ukraine and Turkmenistan

Arman Katenov, Director of rep.office Turkmenistan, KazTransGas

  • Status and prospects of cooperation between CIS countries in gas industry

Nadir Biyikoglu, Assistant General Manager, BOTAS

  • Turkey's role on the way to the Western energy market


Li Qingping, Vice President, CNPC

  • CNPC vs Turkmenistan petroleum industry

Session 3:
Experience of foreign investors in Turkmenistan and its importance for new players

Chris Rowson, General Manager of WesternGeco Overseas Inc., Turkmenistan branch

  • Geological potential of the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea.  Implementing of the geological exploration program

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Mick McCaughey, Maersk Oil

  • Blocks 11 and 12 project: status and future of the exploration program

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Kevin Jaggs, Geophysicist, urren nerg

  • Nebit Dag Product Sharing Agreement: Planning a new land 3D Survey

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Session 4:
Practical and operational business aspects in the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan

John Small, OFS Manager, Schlumberger

  • Experience of successful operations in Turkmenistans oil and gas sector, technology transfer experience

Greg Helmen, General Manager, CIS, Parker Drilling

  • Parker Drilling drilling experience and capabilities


Wayne Longstreet, Drilling Manager, Dragon Oil

  • Directional drilling


Igor Shevchenko, Technical Director, Mitro

  • Hazar project: the experience of joint development of modern oil and gas technologies


Jonathan Hines, Partner, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene and MacRae

  • Legal aspects of international companies' operations in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan


Brooks Frazier, Business Services Manager, RI

  • Potential of the oil and gas services sector of Turkmenistan and opportunities for cooperation


Rosly M. Nor, Petronas

  • Integrated approach to petroleum resource definition, classification & reporting

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Session 5:
Opportunities for applying advanced technology and equipment in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan

Section A :
Exploration, development and production

Alexander Matousevich, Sales Engineer, Cameron GmbH

  • New technologies and equipment for onshore and offshore projects


Pierre Bitzberger, Triton Engineering

  • Advanced methods for running drilling and service projects

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Zamri Jaidi, Petronas

  • Floating Production Storage & Offloading Technology

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Marat Muftakhov, Vice President. Smith Eurasia

  • Integrated management and drilling bits supply of petroleum companies


Setion B :
Processing, transportation and power generation

Diederick Bax,Shell

  • Availability assurance: Shell's experience in identifying elements critical to long-term gas supply


Dr. Kamil Guven, Calyk Energy

  • Electric power generation as the basis for gas utilization: global experience and opportunities (proposals) for Turkmenistan 

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Stewart Smith, Siemens

  • New technologies for electric power generation: experience and opportunities  

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Brian Roberts, Technip-Coflexip

  • Technip capabilities in the Caspian Region

Biography         Presentation

Sergei Shalimov, Khartzyzsk Pipe

  • New production of Khartzizsk Pipe plant


Closing remarks by Turkmenistan oil and gas executive and Chairman of Conference

End of Conference

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